Microblading specialist

Permanent Makeup Arts is the most experienced microblading studio in the Twin Cities.  Microblading is done with a brand new sterile manual tool with many needles in a row. The actual process is around 30 minutes, the tool actually scratches pigment into the skin. Since pigment is deposited into the dermal layer, it is officially considered a tattoo, just not usually called one.  With the long lasting pigments I use, this method will likely need a touch-up after 3 years or light blond yellow would need a touch-up after a year and a half. The result looks like ultra fine hairs, & also has better retention of pigment than hairstrokes done with the tattoo machine. This is now by far my most common & favorite procedure.  With this, I like to do a 3D look where the upper hairs meet the lower hairs in a beautiful way in the spine of the brow.   This is the most natural way to look like you have real growing hair. Your visit may take anywhere from 1 hr to 1.5 hours from hello to goodbye.  Please feel free to browse & compare my pictures.


 Right after Procedure:

Healed before touch-up:


You may apply a cold compress, ice, or even frozen peas in a ziplock bag for 10 minutes on and off anytime to reduce swelling. Just be careful not to freeze your capillaries! Goals for aftercare are to keep the area clean and moist, and to prevent any crust from forming on top of the pigmented areas. Carefully following this regimen of care will help you accomplish this. If a little crust forms in spite of diligent care, do not scratch, or pick at it, as pigment will be removed with the crust. Simply continue following these directions.  Today only:  When you arrive home today, GENTLY wipe off the ointment from your pigmented area with a cotton q-tip.   Reapply ointment lightly this 1st day. Repeat this process every 4 hours and at bedtime.  Please protect your eyebrows from your hair, where bacteria is most abundantly present. You may wear the little shower-like cap to bed for this purpose.  Tomorrow:  Gently remove ointment in the morning with cotton q-tip. Apply a very thin coat of ointment on brows just enough to make the area barely shiny. Repeat every 6 hours for at least 5 days or until peeling has stopped.   Do not wash or get wet for at least 5 days, reapply as you did yesterday.  :) During the next 3-4 days continue above regimen and avoid: Long, hot, steamy showers (do not soak the area with water, or allow the shower to beat directly upon the pigmented areas), saunas, sweating, direct sun exposure or tanning booths, terry cloth, topical aloe vera products, alpha-hydroxy acids or any exfoliants,makeup & swimming & lakes or chlorine pools.  At first your brows are dark and bright until day 3-10, during this time they start to peel (brows may look uneven at this time) then they look too light but will get darker everyday and in 3 weeks will show your healed color. Healing continues on the inside for a full 5-6 weeks for microblading. Do not ask to come in before 4 weeks is up for touch-ups or there will be more of a risk of scarring. Disciplined aftercare does make a difference in the resulting quality of your permanent cosmetics, but do not be alarmed if your color fades considerably after the first application. This is normal. Consult health care professional at first sign of infection Long term car: Always protect the pigmented area from the sun by wearing protective accessories or sun block to prevent future fading of color. Don’t hesitate to call me with any questions!  Angie Byboth-Malmin, CPCP  612-332-0142